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    16Франциск I

  • FAL-3360-FRA
  • PPA-6938-FRA
  • PPA-6906-FRA
  • MAN-3078-FRA
  • CHA-3098-FRA
  • CHA-6411-FRA
  • ESP-6953-FRA
  • CUB-4934-FRA
  • BAL-3095-FRA
  • POT-3766-FRA
  • POT-6096-FRA
  • CEA-4330-FRA



1The Italian renaissance Style

1 We 222 consider contemporary all styles developed during the 20th. century as a way to carry on some historical aesthetic in a subtle way, Hence our Haussman-Directory collection reflects a neo-French look. In the same way, our Early 20th Century collection reflects the contemporary crave for federal American simplicity.

Some other contemporary collections like Patagonia take on a more romantic approach into primitive forms. The Spanish wrought iron series tries to bring back Spanish colonial times into today´s world searching for a new identity.

Our gothic collection becomes a modern interpretation of gothic architecture. Our stone and crystal collections are some of Fersa´s contributions to the development of our trade into the 21st. century.

Fersa continues to elaborate new designs along with preserving period styles. Our factory and a professional team of designers present a new collection every year as a continous effort in the development of this ancient trade.