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The projection of measured shapes, mathematical truth and formal beauty became conjoined in the minds of Renaissance artists. The discovery of perspective in art and architecture changed the way artists perceived and depicted human life.

The word Renaissance refers to the revival of ancient Rome and classical antiquity. The use of mythical animals from classical times involving a delicate perception of their charm in a way still twigged with medieval romance is very much present during the Renaissance period. The use of classical motifs, profusion of floral ornaments, the use of small animals, arabesques (floral motifs completely symmetrical with the shape of a candelabra) and grotesques (designs derived from antiquity discovered in Rome in the 15th Century where the symmetry present in the arabesques disappears) as well as mythological creatures are some of the repertory used in terms of design with high and low relief carvings.


1The Italian renaissance Style

1 We 222 consider contemporary all styles developed during the 20th. century as a way to carry on some historical aesthetic in a subtle way, Hence our Haussman-Directory collection reflects a neo-French look. In the same way, our Early 20th Century collection reflects the contemporary crave for federal American simplicity.

Some other contemporary collections like Patagonia take on a more romantic approach into primitive forms. The Spanish wrought iron series tries to bring back Spanish colonial times into todays world searching for a new identity.

Our gothic collection becomes a modern interpretation of gothic architecture. Our stone and crystal collections are some of Fersas contributions to the development of our trade into the 21st. century.

Fersa continues to elaborate new designs along with preserving period styles. Our factory and a professional team of designers present a new collection every year as a continous effort in the development of this ancient trade.