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  • BCY-7737-BAU
  • POM-7992-BAU
  • FAL-6771-BAU
  • ALD-6792-BAU
  • MAN-7463-BAU
  • TOP-7416-BAU
  • BAL-7772-BAU
  • POT-7894-BAU
  • BOC-7519-BAU
  • PAA-6349-BAU
  • MAC-7710-BAU
  • CHA-6425-BAU
  • CUB-3672-BAU
  • CUB-4989-BAU
  • CLL-3734-BAU
  • MAG-7251-BAU
  • BAL-6156-DEC
  • ROS-7489-BAU
  • ROS-6604-BAU


Created in Germany by Architect Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus school searches for solutions to contemporary problems by developing high quality utilitarian mass produced products as a way to cover vital needs for an impoverished, post World War I Germany. In the area of design the study of handicraft was considered the natural way for artists to master the qualities of materials and form so that they could design well for mass production. In these respects and in the minimizing of philosophy and other verbal disciplines the Bauhaus movement was the earliest working example of much contemporary design education becoming a consulting center for industries and the trades. Lack of ornament, pure function adapting design to the world of machines, are some of the most evident characteristics of the Bauhaus school of art and design.


1The Italian renaissance Style

1 We 222 consider contemporary all styles developed during the 20th. century as a way to carry on some historical aesthetic in a subtle way, Hence our Haussman-Directory collection reflects a neo-French look. In the same way, our Early 20th Century collection reflects the contemporary crave for federal American simplicity.

Some other contemporary collections like Patagonia take on a more romantic approach into primitive forms. The Spanish wrought iron series tries to bring back Spanish colonial times into todays world searching for a new identity.

Our gothic collection becomes a modern interpretation of gothic architecture. Our stone and crystal collections are some of Fersas contributions to the development of our trade into the 21st. century.

Fersa continues to elaborate new designs along with preserving period styles. Our factory and a professional team of designers present a new collection every year as a continous effort in the development of this ancient trade.